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Buying your first home in the luxury real estate market? Maybe it seems like a dream that’s suddenly real. Owning a beautiful home is a part of the American dream. Chances are you are ready to live in the gorgeous residence you’ve longingly envisioned. That being said, the purchase should not be one made quickly or impulsively, and there are definitely a few things to consider before buying!

What is Luxury?

It depends.

Luxury means something different to every potential buyer in the luxury real estate market, and that’s part of the beauty of the term. It means maximized comfort and convenience for some. For others, it means rare and stunning beauty, or, it means having a home with distinctive features unlike anyone else’s (such as transforming and disappearing pools and the like).

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How Should My Search Begin?

A preferable means of searching for your dream home is talking to a real estate agent who is familiar with the area. Some sellers don’t like to post their listings online because they prefer more privacy. Thus, your best bet is to work with an agency that has connections with sellers to get the most options in your desired location.

Start out with an idea of what you’re looking for in a home. As explained earlier, luxury means something different to every home shopper. What’s important to you? Do you desire particularly stunning landscaping, or amenities such as pools, bowling alleys, or sports courts? A luxury home could be a massive estate or a small, but impressive, loft apartment.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words…But Visits Still Say More

Chances are, the pictures you see of luxury homes will be quite good-looking. Sellers in this market can usually afford a professional photographer. Not only can professional photos be deceiving, but when it comes to such elaborate housing, pictures often don’t show enough about the residence.

If you are seriously interested in a property, it’s best to visit and get a good feel for the exterior and interior. Conversely, some homes just don’t look as good in photos as others, though that is not always an indication that they are less beautiful in person.

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Think Beyond the Home Itself

Just as is true in the non-luxury market, it is always important to consider the location when buying a luxury home

In addition, it’s important to consider what the area will look like in the future – even if it looks great right now. There may be intrusive developments nearby, or the housing market in the area may be projected to lose value.

And sadly, even if your first luxury home is everything you’ve ever wanted, it’s still important to consider resale value. Keep in mind which house styles and types can sell well in the future. This is something your real estate agent can help you determine.

luxury real estate

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team Can Help You Find Your Dream Home!

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team is experienced, professional, and well-versed in all housing markets. We can help you find the residence of your dreams, and sort out all of the logistics and information you need about the market, the area, and any property you’re looking at. Contact us today to get started on making your dream a reality! 314-780-9070.