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We’re kicking off a new monthly blog series to get to know the Sarah Bernard Realty Team, powered by RedKey Realty Leaders. In these posts we’ll share daily routines for how they stay motivated, sharp, and dedicated to serving their real estate and property rental clients.

This month we’re starting out with the brains behind the team, Sarah Bernard.

  1. Coffee: The thought of it literally gets me out of bed. I live in a high-rise and it’s available 24/7 in the lobby. So, the second benefit is that I have to get dressed to go get it.
  2. Exercise: I prefer to work out first thing (after or with my coffee) — I run outside, bike indoors, do some yoga or lift weights. I do this usually 6 days/week. My one day off is an hour walk.
  3. Newspaper: I read the daily local paper every morning, sometimes while on the bike.
  4. Breakfast: My daily granola/yogurt combo is just slightly behind my need for coffee.
  5. My “Power Hour”: This is my first 60-90 min of work and I use this time to make my daily to do list, check on my listings and any new activity, post updates to my business FB page and record all of my new sellers in our databases.
  6. Check the MLS: I check the new listings every morning to see where the activity is, what might compete with my listings and whether or not there’s a great new possibility for our buyers.
  7. Daily Huddle: At 10am each weekday morning, the team and I gather by video conference for 15 minutes to touch base on the priorities for the day and any new contracts that have come in.
  8. My Kids: I touch base with them daily, either in person or by phone or text. I like to know what’s going on and we also plan trips to meet up, especially with the two who are out of town.
  9. Reading: I spend time each day reading for pleasure, often at the end of the day. I try to have one business book and one “fun” book (usually fiction or a biography) going at a time.
  10. Sleep I try to get to sleep on time, whatever that means. I don’t get enough so I’m shooting for 6.5-7 hours now in 2018.