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So you’re moving to a new home in the St. Louis area. Congratulations! Whether you’re moving across town or from a city far away,  we’re so happy that you chose to settle here. Moving can be a stressful life event for the whole family, especially for cats, dogs and other animals that are especially sensitive to moving. Here are our Top 10 Tips for Moving with Pets: The St. Louis Edition.

  1. Become familiar with leash laws, pet ordinances and pet licensing requirements with the state or county you are moving to. Here in St. Louis, we are limited to 4 animals per any one parcel of property within a residentially zoned district, unless the property owner obtains a non-commercial kennel permit. Prohibited pets include male chickens, lions, tigers, all other big cats, all venomous snakes, and any constrictor snake over 8 feet in length. Click here to read the full list of St. Louis’ Pet Ordinances.
  2. Secure a new vet and have records transferred in advance of your move. Don’t wait until your dog gets injured or sick! St. Louis is home to a plethora of top-notch veterinarians, specializing in everything from general care to canine dermatology. Click here for Expertise’s 2018 ranking of the Top 19 St. Louis Veterinarians.
  3. Have new identification tags with your new St. Louis address and phone number made for your pet’s collar.  Also, if your pet has an identification microchip, remember to update your contact information in the database! Click here for the Universal Pet Microchip Database.
  4. Keep things normal. During the moving process, try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. Instead of pulling an all-nighter to pack, pack over a long period of time so that your pet thinks everything is normal. This will keep their stress level down.
  5. Bring out the carriers. If you are moving with cats or over long distances, it is important to introduce kennels and pet carriers well before the move. This is especially true if you and your pet will be flying to St. Louis!
  6. Don’t pack the food away! Keep your pet’s food, water, bowls, medication and any other important supplies (like that favorite squeaky toy) off the moving truck and with you.
  7. Anticipate travel needs.  If you are driving, have a plan for how you are going to properly restrain your pet in your vehicle. Flying? Look up airline requirements for flying with pets to ensure you are fully prepared!
  8. Know where your pet will be on moving day.  We recommend finding a quiet getaway for your pet during the actual moving process, as keeping them locked away in a room during moving day can make them anxious from any unfamiliar noises and new people that may be in your home. St. Louis is home to several fantastic pet daycare services located around the city. Even one Doggy Daycare posts photos each day on Facebook of your pal having fun!
  9. Pet-proof your new home. Tuck away electrical cords, plug up nooks where your pet could get stuck, make sure that all windows have secure screens, remove any poisonous houseplants and confirm that no pest-control poison traps have been left anywhere in the house.
  10. Get settled! Once you’ve made it into your new home, use your pet’s familiar food and water dishes, bed, blanket and toys to make him/her feel at home. Take your pet out on a leash to explore the neighborhood and show them how to get home. Be careful not to let them off the leash right away, as they may get lost or run away due to stress.

With patience and planning, your pet will be king or queen of your new home in no time! From everyone at SBRT, Congratulations on your move. We’re so happy to call you and your furry friend neighbor!



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