When you love what you do – you never work a day in your life. Because passion is what drives our team at Sarah Bernard Realty Team – it’s easy to fall in love with each project. Every property tells a story, and every client is on a unique journey that we’re proud to be a small part of. Looking back at 2018, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite memories to share with you.

1840 S. 8th Street: the sellers were a tremendous joy to work with. Their house was beautiful, historic, very special. They loved their home, every nook and cranny. When their relationship formed, one of the sellers moved into this house that the other already owned and they made it their home as a couple. Leaving it to establish their first home “together” in another part of town was emotional but their love for each other and for this place as the beginning for their life together had so much meaning. We sold it quickly, one or two days. It was prepped and ready which contributed to it moving fast.


2400 N. Ballas Rd: the seller had lived in this home for 65 years. Imagine that! She was so sweet and making the decision to move was difficult for her as it meant leaving this life of independence. The home had been in her family and she had once lived in this home with her own parents. She had celebrated every Christmas holiday with extended family in her basement party room. Before she moved, in the summertime, the whole family came over for a very early final holiday party.


2271 Alpine Pointe: this was a wonderful lake home that we helped a family with three darling boys purchase for their family time together on the weekends. This family leads a very busy life in town, so helping them achieve this dream of finding a place to escape was so much fun. Hearing from them after the sale and about the fun they are having there makes it even more meaningful.


2521 Hickory Glen: this was the first chalet I sold at Innsbrook and the sweet couple who purchased it and myself became dear friends. In fact, they affectionately call me their “daughter” and sign their emails and cards “Love, Mom and Dad.” When the day came that they had to sell because “Mom” was having a hard time with the stairs we were all sad but we found a wonderful family to buy it who are loving every minute in it now. This chalet will always be very special to me, along with the people who call it home, in the past and today.


4142 Olive St: I love this home in the Central West End and the couple who owned it were so wonderful to work with. They called one day in a bind because they had tried to sell it themselves and it wasn’t going the way they wanted, waiting months to close a deal that turned out to not be very solid. Together we crafted a plan to get it sold quickly. Helping them get out from under a tricky situation was very gratifying. Plus, they couldn’t have been a nicer couple to work with.


These homes tell stories and when people sell or buy new homes a new chapter begins. As we enter a new year, I’m eager to start reading! I look forward to sharing more stories like this with you in 2019 – until then, be sure you’re following our team on Facebook & Instagram!