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Scent marketing can raise retail store sales by 11%. Smells can boost (or hurt) your home sale, too. A clean, fresh scent can make a positive impression on potential home buyers.

St. Louis real estate is still a sellers market, but it’s starting to shift. The power of smell can help you get the best price for your property.

Learn more here about how smells can impact your home sale and how to benefit.

Masking Odors vs Deodorizing

If you use a strong fragrance in your home, potential buyers may think you’re trying to mask a strange smell. Deodorizing your home removes unpleasant odors instead of masking them. It gives you a fresh palette.

After you deodorize your home, you can consider the addition of a subtle, strategic scent.

Odors to Avoid

Removing unpleasant odors is the first step in using the sense of smell to market your home. A bad smell in your house can turn potential home buyers away. Some examples of odors to remove include:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Cooked food
  • Pets
  • Mold and dust

You may want to have a friend give you an honest assessment of how your house smells.

How to Remove Unwanted Odors

The first step in removing unwanted odors is thoroughly cleaning your home. The cleaning should include tasks you may usually do somewhat infrequently, like cleaning out the refrigerator. Washing out trash cans is also important.

Scrub hard surfaces with a water and vinegar mixture. You can clean washable fabrics with water and vinegar. You can bring unwashable fabrics to a dry cleaner.


Ventilating the home helps to remove bad smells more quickly. Open the windows to let stale air escape. An air purifier can help keep the air in your home fresh even with the windows closed.

Use Simple Scents for the Best Effect

Research with retail consumers shows that simple smells are more effective in boosting sales than complex ones. People spend too much effort trying to decide what a complex scent is. This distracts them from shopping, or deciding whether to purchase your home.

Certain simple scents can make a noticeable impact, though. They create a positive environment for the potential homeowner without being a distraction. The scent should be subtle and not overpowering.

The right smell is one element in staging your home.


Citrus fruits like lemon and orange have a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. The scent can leave a positive impression on people who smell it.


The scent of herbs can create a warm and welcoming feeling for potential home buyers. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, or basil work well. They’re especially effective in the kitchen.


Vanilla has a warm, homey smell. It can relieve stress. It makes your home feel calm and relaxing.

Green Tea

Green tea is an invigorating scent. It has a crisp and lively aroma. Green tea can make your home seem like a clean and refreshing place.

Pine and Cedar

Pine and cedar are uplifting smells. They can create a feeling of well-being. Pine and cedar can be an especially good choice during the winter.

Using Scents to Boost Your Home Sale

The sense of smell can help you market your home for sale. Cleaning your home eliminates odors that may deter potential buyers. Simple smells like citrus and pine can make a positive impression.

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