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The surge in St. Louis real estate is still spiking as home owners see their asking prices overbid by ten of thousands of dollars. For example, news reports have a carriage house in St. Louis getting nearly $100,000 over the list price.

It truly is a seller’s market, and if you are a home owner looking to capitalize, now is the time to get in. But before you list, take stock in your property and see if there are some improvements to maximize your home sale.

The old adage still rings true; you need to spend money to make money. And there are plenty of moderately priced things you can do to give your home that “Wow!” factor.

In the following article, we’ll look at what home improvements are worth the money and tips to get the most out of this sellers market.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

The two areas of the home that will get you the most money are kitchens and bathrooms. If you have any projects in these rooms, consider finishing them.

Even homebuyers who are handy don’t want to overspend on a house that has outdated or dingy-looking kitchens and baths. These projects are notoriously expensive, inconvenient, and take a lot of time.

As the seller, look to replace worn-out vanities, water-stained bathtubs, and outdated tile in the bathroom. And make sure that the wallpaper wasn’t plastered when bell bottoms were in fashion.

Also, we think you don’t have to take on a full kitchen remodel to get the most out of your home. Instead, look to update appliances or replace laminate countertops with quartz or granite. If you do replace the countertops, look to update your kitchen sink with a newer, more stylish one.

These improvements will add instant value to your home.

Fresh Paint to Lure a New Home Owner

After kitchens and baths, a fresh coat of paint in rooms that need a little sprucing up is key. Fresh paint makes your home look cleaner, and buyers will appreciate the effort.

Look to eliminate any “wild” choices you may have made over the years and replace those colors with one more suitable for selling your home. We find that white, grey, beige, and light blues get the best return on investment.

Replace, Refurbish Flooring

After you’ve painted the walls or ceiling, look down at the flooring. If the carpet looks too worn out and you or the previous owner laid carpet over hardwood floors (as was the style way back when), consider ripping it out.

This upgrade will add a great deal of value to your home.

If you have solid hardwood flooring and it’s starting to look a little worn, or it’s been living under that carpet for many a year, get some estimates on refinishing it for a spectacular showing.

Refinishing is much less expensive than laying a new wood floor and will make buyers take notice.

Front Door Update

If your not looking to spend thousands of dollars on updating then one of the least expensive but most cost-effective home improvements is to replace your front door.

A new front door with a fresh stain or coat of paint adds curb appeal and makes a great first impression. Replacing a front door can cost less than a thousand dollars and will help in selling your home.

Call in the Experts

Still unsure of what to do? As a home owner, we know that you want to make the right decisions to get the highest sale price for your property.

When you contact the Sarah Bernard Realty Team, you’ll benefit from the years of experience from our real estate professionals. In addition, we’ll be able to guide you on your home improvements and show you how to get the most for your property.

Contact the Sarah Bernard Realty Team today to get started with your home sale.