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When buying and selling a home, you want all the help you can get. Some sellers even seek divine intervention by burying a statue of St. Joseph. With hundreds of testimonials swearing by the real estate powers of St. Joseph, the practice has caught on. You can purchase a St. Joseph “home sales kit” online or at a Catholic supply store. To properly bury your statue:

  • Dig a hole near your “For Sale” sign by the street approximately three inches deeper than the statue. If you have no yard, use a large plant pot.
  • Place the St. Joseph statue facing the street in the hole.
  • When covering the statue, say a prayer requesting St. Joseph’s intercession.
  • Once you have sold your home, remove the statue and place it in your new home.

St. Joseph isn’t the only tradition buyers and sellers can explore. An internet search revealed these other superstitions regarding new homes.

1. Don’t move an old broom into a new home. You’ll bring all the former bad luck with you.

2. Don’t put shoes on a table in your home. It brings bad luck.

3. Feng Shui suggests adding flowering plants (typically red) along the walkway towards your home to boost wealth.

4. The number eight is tied to luck in Chinese culture because it is similar to the Chinese word for wealth and prosperity. Adding an eight at the end of a sales price can help.

5. Never carry a hoe into the house. If you do so by mistake, carry it out again backwards.

6. Never give a knife as a housewarming gift or the new neighbor could become an enemy.

7. Carry bread and salt with you when you first enter a new home. After crossing the threshold, sprinkle salt on the floor near the front door to keep evil spirits away.

8. Paint your front porch blue to scare away ghosts. This superstition came from southern plantations. The idea is that ghosts aren’t able to cross over water and will mistake your porch for water if painted blue.

9. According to a Norse superstition, placing an acorn on a windowsill protects the house from being struck by lightning.

10. Don’t move into a new place on a Friday, Saturday or rainy day. These days are considered unlucky and may prevent you from eventually settling into your new home. And according to tradition in India, the luckiest day to move is Thursday.

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