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Sure, as a real estate agent, there are many times you’re working independently, researching industry trends, following the news, creating marketing materials, and painstakingly working to achieve you and your client’s dreams. But, perhaps one of the best things about working as a professional real estate agent and working in the real estate industry, is the people you meet and the relationships you create over the years.

Sarah and one of her mentors, Andrea Lenzen, first met when Andrea spoke at a meeting that Sarah had the chance to attend. As a professional in the industry since 1979, Andrea has carved her niche in the St. Louis market as the owner of DeZign to Sell, winning the HSRA’s Top National Occupied Stager of the year in 2018. Her passion and knowledge shared during the seminar sparked an interest in Sarah, and one conversation turned into a fast friendship.

Andrea is one of the St. Louis real estate professionals that Sarah Bernard considers a close friend and mentor, and through their years of friendship, she has continually offered sage advice to the growing Sarah Bernard Realty Team.

After receiving her real estate license in the late seventies, Andrea specialized in selling condos and eventually transitioned into developing and selling new villas in St. Louis County and represented several builders in new home sales. Like most industries, the crash of 2008 greatly impacted the real estate landscape, after which many of the working relationships Andrea had built over the years were forced to evolve. Contractors were going under, there was less demand for newly built homes, and many were struggling to sell the properties they were tasked with.

Andrea’s navigation of the market crash is just one example of her savvy business practice and versatility that continually inspires Sarah and the entire team at Sarah Bernard Realty Team. There’s stiff competition in St. Louis;  we’re confident there’s enough success here for all of us. That’s why it’s so inspiring to meet professionals like Andrea who make it a habit to nurture the growth of other professionals. Andrea and colleagues like Linda Borghi, owner of Dazzle Home Staging, continue to educate real estate agents and share the wisdom they’ve gained throughout their careers at summits throughout the country.

Starting a business in her 60’s, she has now helped over 1,000 sellers and countless agents get their homesready for the market. In the home staging industry, she understands that trends come and go, and it’s important to be able to work with what your client has while polishing the look with timely pieces. Staying on top of your game and following the ever-changing real estate landscape is challenging, but it’s a challenge that Andrea continues to welcome with arms wide open. For a few more years, at least. She plans to retire and leave her rock-solid legacy to pass on to her interior design team.

We think it’s important to recognize the individuals who have helped us to grow both personally and professionally. We invite you to learn more about DeZign to Sell, Andrea, and her team when you visit her Facebook page. Keep an eye on our blog for shoutouts to other industry professionals that we’ve found inspiring throughout the years.