Jamie is passionate about real estate. She has bought, rehabbed and managed her own rental properties in St. Louis, giving her an eye for potential and quality in any home. Her experience creates a smooth and stress-free real estate process for her clients. Here are her top 10 daily must-haves to stay at the top of her real estate game:

  1. Meditation – I like to take at least 10 minutes in the morning, to get myself centered.  I feel this practice helps me stay focused and productive during the day.
  1. Coffee/Water – I LOVE coffee and have at least a cup a day.  But I’m also very conscious of getting at least half my body weight (in oz) of water each day.  Staying hydrated is a must for #2 on my list of must-haves.
  1. Exercise – Each day I need to do something active.  I’m either running, walking, mountain biking, or practicing yoga.  
  1. Power Hour – Every morning, I take an hour (before our team meeting) to prep myself for the work I need to accomplish that day.  That hour includes checking the MLS for new or coming soon listings.  Updating my to-do list and adding new leads into our database.  
  1. Lists – Ask anyone, I LOVE lists.  Lists keep me organized and feeling accomplished every time I mark a task as done.  I update my list in the morning (during my power hour) and at night (so that I’m prepped for the next day).  
  1. Walks with my Dog – He needs exercise too.  On those days when I don’t feel like exercising, he gets me out the door and moving.
  1. Quality Time with my Husband – My husband’s work schedule is always changing, so we grab any chance to hang out together.  We exercise, grab a meal or hang out with friends and family.  
  1. Something Creative – This can be anything from painting, decorating, cooking, making homemade lotions or coming up with creative solutions for clients.
  1. Podcasts – I believe we are all students and teachers to one another.  We all have something to give and learn.  I enjoy podcasts because they are a great tool for getting advice, learning something new and hearing other peoples inspiring stories.  
  1. Sleep – Is always a must!  I’m a little bit of a night owl.  This year I’m working on going to bed earlier so I can get more sleep.