St. Louis and St. Charles real estate is experiencing a historic seller’s market fueled by pandemic fatigue and record low interest rates.

By the end of 2021’s first quarter, our team executed 26 closings for a total of $8,282,500 in sales. And we’ve found that one way to entice buyers is to spruce up their property with a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing the best paint colors for your interior and exterior can transform your home from drab to fabulous in just a few days. Believe it or not, realtors and home decor professionals have analyzed Pantone swatches and deciphered which colors will help with your home sale.

In the following article, we’ll spotlight a few shades that experts agree will help a home owner build interest in their property listing.

Exterior Colors 

The first thing prospective buyers will notice is your home’s curb appeal. Before you consider what color to paint your home, make sure that the outside of your house is clean and free of signs of wear: missing shingles and gaps in the siding.

Experts suggest looking at other homes in the neighborhood and choosing a color that fits in with the prevailing palette.

White isn’t adventurous, but it is perennially popular and sells homes. Another shade to consider is greige. This color, a blend of gray and beige, looks classic and modern at the same time and makes for a smart house when accompanied by crisp white trim.

Other popular choices are gray and blue. A light blue can make a home seem breezy, while a darker shade of this color works well in almost any neighborhood setting.

Best Paint Colors for Interiors

A reoccurring issue in real estate when viewing a property with dull or unclean interior walls. A fresh coat of paint can fix this problem and build interest in your home.

A bright or unusually treated accent walls may serve as an expression of your personality, you really should stick to a neutral color scheme in general.

Experts tell homeowners to focus on a pale blue for bathrooms and to paint bedrooms taupe (a mix of brown and gray) or an off-white.

Similarly, you should use white as your kitchen’s base and then use a calm blue or another pleasant accent color for the trim. Many older kitchens can be cramped or dark, so try to brighten up your kitchen before listing it.

For your general living spaces, stick with a very neutral color and close to the ones we have mentioned.

What you are trying to do with these neutral colors is allow the seller to see themselves living in your home. White makes living rooms seem well-kept and is a blank slate for the potential new residents.

Call In an Expert

No one expects you to be Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines, so don’t let yourself stress over the best paint colors for your interiors and exteriors.

If in doubt, consult one of our experts. We have years of experience with prepping homes for sale and can help you get ready while we take care of your listing every step of the way.

If you’re ready to sell your home or if you are looking for expert advice, contact the real estate professionals with the Sarah Bernard Realty Team. We are ready to get your home on the market today!