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In America’s major real estate markets, there are 38% fewer homes on the market than a year ago. The inventory across the country is shockingly tight, and this is driving bidding wars and higher sales.

So if you are a home owner ready to sell, now is a great time! You need to make your move now while interest rates are low, and you haven’t missed the wave of buyers’ pent-up desire.

Got a cluttered home? It might feel challenging, but there are simple steps you can start taking today to reduce the mess and clean up your space.

In this article, we’ll lay out some simple techniques to declutter your home and get it ready for a quick sale.

Purge, Purge, Purge

If you’ve decided to put your home on the market, you’ve already decided it’s time to move on. That sentiment should extend to your unused stuff.

Get large, strong garbage bags from the hardware store and a variety of boxes.

We suggest designating a reasonably sized box for your most valuable momentos. The items for this box have special meaning even if they’re not diamonds or a Faberge egg. On your first pass, have a low bar for these items. After you’ve decluttered or started your move, you can return to this box and pare them down some more.

Now that you’ve designated a spot for your memories, get ruthless with the rest. If you haven’t used an item in over a year, consider tossing it.

If you haven’t used it in three or more years? There’s a good chance you never will. Thin out your closets and make sure traffic areas are free of your stuff.

Remember, you can start posting the more valuable items online for a quick sale or pickup. Out-of-date furniture, unused exercise equipment, and old recreation equipment are prime candidates to go.

If you have the time, you can donate serviceable items to a local charity!

Are You A Library or a Home Owner? 

Reading is great, but over-stuffed bookcases can be a challenge when you’re selling a home. First, books can take up a lot of space, and second, they can add to the appearance of clutter in your home. If the book isn’t rare or you have no interest in rereading it, then it’s time to heave-ho.

Chuck any old magazines, newspapers, or old documents. If there’s an article you really want to save, cut it out and put it in a folder, album, or scrapbook.

After the home sale, you’ll have to box and move that bookshelf. So, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Photos and Souvenirs

We know that those photos and souvenirs from family trips are priceless to you, but you need to put them away or box them up when it’s time to sell your house.

A buyer will have an easier time seeing their family living in your home without yours staring back at them.

Also, nicknacks and memorabilia can add to a room’s clutter, especially for people unfamiliar with the item’s history.

Tables and Countertops

Lastly, as part of the open house preparation, make sure the surfaces of your kitchen, dining, and living room are cleared off. Plants, vases, and table displays should all be removed.

The chance that a prospective buyer will have the same aesthetic as you is pretty rare. Also, eliminating kitchen appliances from countertops and sweeping items from tables will streamline your home and reduce the clutter.

A Great Time to Sell

The process of buying and selling a property can be stressful for both the home owner and buyer, but you can reduce that worry and stress by consulting an expert.

Our seasoned team of real estate professionals knows how to prep your home for a quick sale.

If you are ready to sell your home, contact the Sarah Bernard Realty Team today. Our experienced agents are ready to help you sell your home, find your next abode, and help declutter your space along the way!