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Sarah Bernard Realty assists in buying and selling homes in St. Louis, and much of the surrounding areas. Are you unsure which neighborhoods you ought to consider? Each has its own special features and characteristics – read on to learn what these areas have to offer in the luxury home market!


Clayton, Missouri is comprised of three neighborhoods: Maryland Ave, City Center, and Washington U.

Clayton is a safe, secure community and one of the older and more historic subregions of St. Louis. Incorporated in 1914, the city is home to around 17,000 people. Some benefits of living in Clayton include:

  • Very little traffic
  • Accessible subways and public transportation
  • Generally well-educated community
  • Home to many college students
  • Variety of excellent schools to choose from

luxury homes in st louisChesterfield

Chesterfield is comprised of nine neighborhoods and close to 50,000 people. One of the larger cities in Missouri, Chesterfield is an upscale community with several features you’ll appreciate if you shop for luxury homes!

  • Excellent shopping and restaurant district
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Local attractions like Faust Park
  • Great place to raise family


A small city comprised of just one neighborhood and about 8,000 people, Ladue is a typically quiet and upscale area with many benefits.

  • Mostly elegant brick colonials and Tudor-style manor homes
  • Relatively old neighborhood
  • Excellent public and private school communities
  • Well-educated community
  • Close to downtown

luxury homes in st louisTown and Country

Town and Country is a relatively small city with two neighborhoods and 11,000 residents. Originally a more rural area, the town has transformed into an upscale residential area that still maintains a unique culture.

  • Quiet and peaceful
  • High concentration of artists, designers and people working in the media
  • Multiple city parks
  • Well-educated community
  • About 12 miles from St. Louis

University City

A mid-sized city, University City is an important part of Missouri’s history and is made up of six neighborhoods and around 35,000 residents. The community is fairly active and an ideal location for you to find your dream luxury home!

  • Excellent shopping district
  • Lots of activities for residents, such as visiting Centennial Commons and Loop Ice Carnival in January
  • Accessible public transportation
  • Well-educated community


Halfway between Columbia and St. Louis, Innsbrook is a very popular location for second homes and much of the population is seasonal; year-round residents of the area are fewer than six hundred. If you are thinking of buying a vacation residence without travelling very far from home, Innsbrook is your go-to!

  • Innsbrook Resort, if you would like to purchase a home in a resort
  • Over 100 lakes
  • Comprised mostly of rollings hills and forests
  • Very quiet and peaceful
  • Well-educated community

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team are Experts in the Luxury Market

Whether it will be your primary or secondary residence, looking for a luxury home can be a very complex process. It’s best to have a realty team behind you who knows the ins and outs of not only the luxury real estate market, but each neighborhood you’re considering.

The Sarah Bernard Realty team is dedicated to giving you the best and most well-researched service to help you find the house of your dreams. Whether you know which neighborhood you are looking to move into or not, keeping you well-informed and looking out for your best interests is our mission. Contact us for a no-obligation complimentary seller’s consultation anytime – we’re ready to help! 314-780-9070