Written By: Victoria Standridge

One of the top things on every homeowner’s mind is safety and protection. What are you doing to protect your home, and how can you improve your current security measures and protocols?

In 2021, the answer to that is smart tech. Now, more than ever, smart devices are coming to our aid to help us keep our homes safe and secure. With just a few simple upgrades, you can get the peace of mind you’re looking for

Smart doorbell

The entry-level device that most homeowners choose when they first dive into smart security technology is a smart doorbell. Ring and Nest are some of the most popular and well-known devices, but there are plenty of others out there if you are looking for options

What are the advantages?

  • Easy to use

One of the main reasons this type of device is so popular is because of its ease of use, especially as a smart tech novice. Just install it on your door and you will receive notifications when someone is lurking outside your door. Receive the notifications on your phone and can easily check them at any time to see if you are waiting for a package or avoiding door-to-door vendors.

  • Inexpensive

Another important consideration is cost: If you’ve never worked with smart technology before, you can be careful not to spend too much at once, so a smaller investment is much easier to accept at first. Smart doorbells only cost about $ 80, and even the most expensive models cost less than $ 250. Even if it turns out that you don’t like being the neighborhood watchdog, it’s not a huge loss.

  • Basic safety

This is by no means a way to protect your home like Fort Knox, but it does offer a baseline of security. More than anything, it gives you some control and peace of mind. Being able to check who’s knocking on your door, who’s lurking at your door, or even stealing packages from your porch gives you some control back.

Smart cameras

If you want to upgrade to a slightly higher level of protection, a smart camera might be the right choice for you. Just like a smart doorbell, in that it allows you to perform some basic surveillance operations, a smart camera allows you to simultaneously monitor different areas of your home and, most importantly, the outdoors.

What are the advantages?

  • Ability to control remotely

This option is especially useful for homeowners who travel a lot or are away from home for extended periods of time. Since you can control the camera and access footage remotely, you are never asked what’s going on at home. The 24/7 live feed is all the peace of mind you need, with added notifications for any motion detected around your home, so you’re always one tap away to see what’s going on.

  • Increased security

Of course, this wider monitoring range means you are even safer in your home, or even away from it. Especially if you’ve had a security incident before, investing in a complete home surveillance system, complete with remote-controlled cameras, is a great idea.

Smart lock for home

For families with young children, frequent guests or tenants, a smart lock and keypad security solution is a great choice. This offers an extra layer of security to your home, but also makes the whole process of locking and securing your home easier and more convenient.

What are the advantages?

  • Added convenience

The increased convenience is why most people opt for keyless locks. The system is simple: the door automatically locks behind you when closed and you can lock and unlock it automatically with the touch of a phone, even remotely. Alternatively, you can set the code and use the keypad. Very fast and easy to use even for kids.

  • No need for keys

The lack of keys doesn’t just make this system more convenient and easier to use, it also makes it safer for everyone involved. Not having keys means that no one can break into your home by stealing them, you don’t have to change the locks frequently, and you will never find yourself locked out of your home because you lost or misplaced your keys.

The existence of the keypad means that you can easily grant temporary access to anyone – guests, delivery people, tenants, etc. – and then easily revoke access by changing the code. Assuming you rent the home to someone, you don’t have to ask for keys back or change the locks – simply change the code, and no one can enter your home again without it.

Smart alarm

No home security system would be complete without an alarm. The ultimate security measure, an alarm makes it loud and clear that something is amiss, not just for the homeowner, but also for the neighbors and the authorities. Not to mention that it’s a great detractor for potential thieves – it’s just not worth it for them.

What are the advantages?

  • Convenient to use remotely

There are two great things about a smart alarm: it’s wireless, and it can be accessed remotely. The caveat is that you rely on the internet, so you better check you’ve got enough bandwidth available to ensure smooth functioning.

The alarm can be armed and disarmed easily on your phone, even once you’ve left the house, so there’s no more wondering whether or not you’ve locked and alarmed the house – you can just check and do it on the spot. Plus, a lot of these alarm systems fit right into your already existing smart eco-system, if you’re an avid tech user.

  • Extra peace of mind

If that’s all in order, it’ll keep an eye on your property and send you updates about what’s happening back home. Whether you’re in bed checking on that weird sound coming from downstairs or on your beach vacation, checking up on the house, you know you’re covered.

Final thoughts

Smart technology is taking over, particularly for the 25-35 set of home buyers. While using smart tech for entertainment and light household chores is fun, there are even better, more practical uses for it, and that’s security.

In fact, 69% of U.S. households invest in smart devices, a lot of them being smart doorbells, but other devices are also gaining ground. If you’re serious about securing your home, residents love smart locks, smart cameras, and even smart alarms.

It’s definitely an investment upfront, but the peace of mind you buy with this purchase is infinitely worth it. Every time you’re questioning whether you locked the door, or worrying about a possible break-in, remember that you can make that go away.