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The median sales price for St. Louis real estate continued to rise in September 2022 compared to 2021. The sellers market is shifting, though, as pending sales slowed.

To get the best price for your home sale, you want to make your property as attractive as possible to potential home buyers. One important step is taking care of any major repairs. You can avoid potential problems and potentially boost your sale price.

Learn more about the repairs to prioritize as you prepare to sell your home.

1. Focus on Repairs, not Upgrades

Upgrades and repairs may both be part of preparing to sell your home. These two types of projects differ, though.

Upgrades are optional. You may choose to upgrade some features of your home to maximize the selling price. Repairs are necessary for safety, health, or functional reasons.

Replacing carpet that’s still in good condition with hardwood floors is an example of an upgrade. Replacing carpet that’s worn, stained, or torn is a repair.

2. Start with Wiring and Plumbing

Problems with electrical wiring and plumbing are two common reasons for a home to fail an inspection. Addressing these issues makes your home safer. You can prevent more problems from developing.

Update the Electrical System

Modernizing your home’s wiring is a top priority for repairs.

Many older homes in the St. Louis real estate market still have knob and tube wiring. It isn’t compatible with three-pronged plugs, and the risk of fire or electrical shock is higher.

Dated wiring like knob and tube isn’t necessarily a safety hazard when well-maintained. However, a potential home buyer will see the possible risks. Getting homeowner’s insurance can be more difficult.

Fixing electrical problems and modernizing the wiring make your home more desirable.

Fix the Plumbing

Fixing plumbing problems like leaks is another high priority. Water damage can lead to other issues like dry rot or mold.

Repairing fixtures that don’t work properly is another important project. For example, drains should be clear and in good working order. Hot and cold options on faucets should work as designed.

3. Address Structural Issues

Structural issues like a leaky roof or a cracked foundation are also high-priority repairs. If you don’t plan to sell your property “as-is,” you need to fix problems with the roof, foundation, and basement.

Replace the Roof

A new roof can be expensive. You’ll likely get most of the cost back when you sell your home, though.

Replacing an old or leaky roof helps you avoid water damage inside your house. You can improve ventilation and energy efficiency. A new roof adds to the curb appeal of your property.

Repair a Cracked Foundation

Cracks in your foundation often aren’t a major problem. However, cracks can sometimes pose a safety risk.

A professional evaluation is very important. You’ll find out what type of repairs might be necessary. Major foundation repairs are expensive, but they’re essential if you want to sell your house at the best price.

Seal the Basement

Most houses in the St. Louis and St. Charles real estate market have a basement. Temperature and weather extremes can lead to leaks that make the basement damp and musty.

Sealing minor cracks can make your basement more appealing to a potential new homeowner. Fixing issues with the foundation will also improve the basement.

Preparing Your St. Louis Real Estate Sale

Before you sell St. Louis real estate, you need to consider your strategy. Houses that need major repairs deserve special attention. If you don’t want to reduce the asking price and sell “as-is,” you need a plan to make the necessary repairs.

Repairing your home is an investment that can pay off. The Sarah Bernard Realty Team can help you prioritize these projects. We’ll work with you to help ensure that you get the best possible selling price for your property.

You can rely on our expertise in real estate in St. Louis. Contact the Sarah Bernard Realty Team today and let us help you meet your real estate goals.