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The median sales price for homes in St. Louis rose by almost 5% in December. This increase is despite a lower number of home sales. The seller’s market is slowing, but you can still get your asking price or more.

You need the right strategies to get the best price for your home. These tips will help you maximize the gains on your home sale.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home makes it more visually appealing. It helps potential homeowners imagine the house as their own. Home staging can involve techniques like:

  • Redecorating
  • Rearranging the furniture
  • Cleaning

It removes clutter and other items that might deter a prospective homeowner. It makes the property look move-in ready. It also makes marketing the property easier.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is critical for getting the best offer for a home. It gets more potential buyers through the door. You can consider items like:

  • Repainting the front door
  • Pressure washing the driveway and walkways
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Keeping the landscaping well-maintained
  • Replacing the mailbox
  • Updating exterior lighting

Better curb appeal helps the in-person and digital marketing of your home.

Understand Your Ideal Home Buyer

Understanding your ideal home buyer helps you market your property to increase demand. Different kinds of homes are more attractive to different kinds of buyers.

For example, the target buyer for a home in good condition is usually someone looking for a move-in ready house. Spending time and money on renovations may help boost your selling price.

On the other hand, the target buyer for a home that needs significant work is probably someone who plans to repair the property themself. Leaving the property as-is to sell will probably be a better choice.

Take Advantage of Digital Home Management

If your ideal buyer is looking for a move-in ready home, you can benefit from digital home management. Online services and apps let you securely organize and store information such as:

  • Maintenance records
  • Remodeling project contracts
  • Warranty documents

Demonstrating the quality of your property can make potential buyers more willing to make a competitive offer.

Choose the Right Time to Sell

The real estate market is seasonal. More buyers are looking for homes in the spring and summer. This advice isn’t revolutionary, but often selling in the “off season” is the best strategy. Why? Because you’re not competing with as many sellers, which ultimately works in your favor!

More buyers competing for your property means you’re more likely to get a higher price.

However, events in your life also affect the best time to sell your home. A real estate agent with experience in the local housing market can help you find the right timing for your situation.

Price Your Home Accurately

The right list price is essential for getting the best-selling price. Overpricing your home can make it take longer to sell. You may have to lower the price, which limits your negotiating power.

Pricing your home too low can leave money on the table.

Your real estate agent can help you choose the right asking price. An agent who knows St. Louis real estate will help you set a competitive price. This increases the odds of getting multiple offers, which can push up the selling price.

Getting the Best Price from Your Home Sale

You can get more than the asking price from your home sale. Strategies like staging your home and improving the curb appeal can increase demand. The right timing and a competitive asking price are also important.

The Sarah Bernard Realty Team specializes in helping sellers get the best price for their St. Louis and St. Charles real estate. We’ll create a professional marketing plan to help you achieve your selling goals.

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