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Downsizing Elderly Parents and what you need to know.

As a person ages, time takes a toll on them. They may end up living in unsafe conditions, isolated from the world around them. If that happens, that person’s children may feel like they need to do something and start looking for senior housing.

Downsizing can be an intense process itself, but it can be made harder if aging parents aren’t interested in leaving their homes. It may not matter how dirty their house is, or how alone they feel in it.

They simply may not want to leave. And if they say that, families should clearly explain why it’s important they make a change in their lives. They should explain the reality of the situation to them.

Downsizing Is Done for Many Reasons

Families considering downsizing the living situations of aging parents are facing a difficult choice. If they suggest moving the parents into a new house, they feel like bad people. Many people may think it shows they don’t love their parents or they’re just trying to grab their parents’ wealth.

That is not true. None of that is true. People who consider moving elderly parents into more comfortable arrangements are not bad people.

They may realize that their parents’ health is waning, and they may not be able to provide full-time support. Or, they may realize the damaging impact isolation can have and think their parents need a new community. The reality of isolation was revealed to many people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Downsizing elderly parents is not malicious. It is just difficult, but moving them into a safer and more comfortable living arrangement is usually a good option.

Families Need to Consider the Reality of Situations

Many times, families may believe that there will be some way they can take care of ailing parents. Sometimes people consider leaving their jobs to take care of their parents full time. They may even think about moving across the country to be with them.

It is important to think about the reality of the situation and the costs of these options. Leaving a job to take care of your parents can have long-term impacts that are hard to predict. And moving across the country to help them can damage relationships and even your own health.

St. Louis Senior Housing Is Comfortable

If you’re looking for a smaller home for your parents, there are many options in St. Louis. Developers are building up the city, creating new homes for people who are just moving in. Meanwhile, recognizing a chance to make a few bucks, more people are putting houses on the market.

Plus, it is still very affordable compared to other areas across the U.S. Families can easily find a small home for their parents in the city. And once they’re in St. Louis, they will have access to all sorts of amenities and support systems they may not have in their old towns.

Senior living communities can also be found all across St. Louis County and nearby St. Charles. Elderly parents may not even need to drive to visit their friends — that’s how close they’ll be to others. It’s safer and healthier for elderly people.

Plus, you can help prepare seniors for moving to reduce as much stress as possible.

Independent Senior Living Is About Enjoying Life

Downsizing elderly parents is always a difficult decision. Families may feel uncomfortable about making such a life-changing choice for their parents, even if it’s in their best interests. But sometimes, the reality of the situation is that the choice has to be made.

Luckily, you don’t need to go through the whole process alone. There are real estate experts ready to help you through the process of finding senior housing. All you need to do is reach out. Get in touch with our realty team for additional support!